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Clients choose us!

We interpret the SMSF borrowing for you and answer all your questions.

Perhaps because the principals own fund invests in property and size is closer to $10 million mark, generally trustees who like property over shares and have a fund size over $ 3 million find a lot of comfort in engaging us. Trustees with smaller size funds or who invest only in shares broad asset class do not either understand our language, nor we do, theirs.

There are many accounting firms out in the market place, generally in business for a fee, whereas we offer our SIS knowledge and expertness because we are passionate about it. We have lived, breathed every moment of last three decades and invested our life savings and spent most of our professional lives in this space.

meet our team

Manoj Abichandani

B.Bus (UTS) SMSF Specialist (UNSW) CTA FIPA

Susheel Kumar

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
Diploma of Financial Planning

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